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Unlock Your Chakra Collection

☯For centuries chakra symbol have been utilized to focus in on certain attributes on body, mind and spirit. When certain chakra is focused upon, the mind is able to trigger growth and healing by connecting to the energy resonating to that particular chakra.☯

☯Turtle symbolizes our peaceful walk on this earth. It represents the path we take as we embark on our journey through life An important and sacred symbol in the mythologies of many indigenous cultures, the Sea Turtle represents continuation of life. They are known to live long lives, sometimes against incredible odds. Carry this turtle for strength and protection during life’s trying moments. Like the Sea Turtle, you’ll find the will to press on and come out stronger and wiser than before..☯

☯The Feather brings fortune, compassion and kindness into your life. They also symbolize purity, hence feathers are often used in Buddhist purification ceremonies.☯

These beautiful gold plated bangle is adjustable, diameter of bracelet measures 2 1/2 inches(63.5mm) across and is adjustable to fit most wrists (One size fits all). The Gold plated Sea Turtle Charm, feather and Key pendants are 1/2-inch/1.27-cm long. The stones are from 7 different natural genuine gemstones representing the chakras. . All bangles are designed and made with extreme love and care. The bangle is carefully packaged in a beautiful handcrafted bracelet gift box with a bracelet description card :))

The semi-precious stones used for each Chakra

• 7th Amethyst (violet) for the Crown Chakra

• 6th Lapis (indigo) for the Third-Eye Chakra

• 5th Blue Agate (Blue) for the Throat Chakra

• 4th Aventurine (Green) for the Heart Chakra

• 3rd Calcite (yellow) for the Solar Plexus Chakra

• 2nd Carnelian (Orange) for the Sacral Chakra

• 1st Red Jasper (Red) for the Root Chakra

These bangle charm bracelets will add a touch of casual elegance to your wardrobe for any season of the year.

Great gift for family, friends and loved-ones


• Bangle Bracelet With Charm
• Genuine 8mm natural gemstone beads
• Packaged in bracelet gift box with a bracelet description card
• Handmade in Los Angeles, California
• Made with pure positive energy

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