Baby Elephant Bracelet

Baby Elephant Bracelet

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Luck – Strength – Serenity

The symbolism of Elephants deals primarily with Luck, Wisdom, and Loyalty. As Symbol of LUCK, keep a lucky elephant with you to protect from bad luck and to stimulate good luck for all times. From Hindu mythology, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects. The elephant is probably the most positive Animal Symbol known. The elephant attains old age and with it, wisdom. They are highly revered for their strength and power.

White Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity, This stone is known for its power to make you feel calm and peaceful, releasing negative thoughts and soothing the mind. Associated primarily with the Hart Chakra, Jade attracts good luck, friendship, and improves your human relationships, it encourages you to become who you really are. It’s a very helpful stone when you’re starting to lose your confidence in yourself and your motivation in achieving your goals. It will help you release the emotions that are preventing you from moving forward.

These gorgeous beaded bracelet is created with real 8mm natural Matte Jade gemstones. Designed and hand made with extreme love and care, it is carefully packaged in a beautiful handcrafted bracelet gift box with a bracelet description card :)) 

These bracelets will add a touch of casual elegance to your wardrobe for any season of the year.

Great gift for family, friends and loved-ones

• High Quality beaded bracelet
• Unisex
• Genuine 8mm Quality Matte White Jade.
• Packaged with a bracelet description card
• Stretch bracelet with Quality elastic cord
• Custom made to fit your wrist
• Handmade in Los Angeles, California
• Made with pure positive energy


Please measure your wrist before selecting bracelet size
Because each bracelet is made-to-order, it is crucial that you measure your wrist before purchasing. If you don't have a fabric measuring tape, a thin piece of paper or a string and a ruler will work just as well. For best fit please add an extra half(1/2) inch/(1.3cm) to your wrist measurement to get the bracelet size.

To give an example: if your wrist measurement is 6inches/(15.2cm), The bracelet size you select is 6.5inches/(16.5cm)

Get FREE shipping on orders of $60+

S: 6.5inches = 16.50cm (tiny wrist)
M: 7.0inches = 17.80cm (avg women)
L: 7.5inches = 19.00cm (avg men)
XL: 8.0inches =20.30cm (avg L wrist men)
XXL: 8.5inches =21.60cm (XXL, men)
(For larger size, when placing your order, please add the bracelet size in the note section)

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