Unlock Your Chakra
Unlock Your Chakra
7 Chakra Crystal Healing Bracelets

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Gorgeous Quality 7 Chakra Bracelet Created With Natural Gemstones. 

Empower Yourself in all aspects of your life and find your inner balance by exploring the seven Chakras. Our beautiful hand crafted bracelet collection of 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet, Beaded Jewelry Bracelets, Mens Bracelets, Healing Crystal Bracelets, Reiki Bracelets,  Womens Bracelets, and Chakra Bracelets are designed to balance the seven chakras and promote healing and harmony to the body.    

Unlock Your Chakra and balance the seven chakra system with our bracelets for men and womens bracelets.


Chakra bracelets are accessories designed to balance the seven chakras, which are said to be energy centers used for centuries by Indian and Eastern cultures. These bracelets usually consist of seven stones or charms in different colors or designs, each component representing one of the chakras — crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root.

While some claim that the benefits of wearing chakra bracelets comes directly from the energy of the stones used, others say the bracelets merely promote awareness and allow for increased focus on keeping these seven energies in balance. In either case, the bracelets are used in alternative medicine to promote healing and vitality. A chakra bracelet may also be worn solely for aesthetic purposes.

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  • Gorgeous Energy Chakra Crystal Bracelets Created With Natural Semi-Precious Gemstones.

  • Our Entire Collection is Designed and Hand Made In US With Extreme Love and Care. 

  • Made to Order Bracelets for Perfect Fit. You Measure Your Wrist and We Do the Rest.

  • We Carefully Packaged the Bracele In A Beautiful Handcrafted Bracelet Gift Box With A Bracelet Description Card. 


  • Great Gift For Friends, Family and Loved-Ones

  • We Ship Worldwide.

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All our creations are designed, developed, and made by hand in Los Angeles, California. We touch every piece to create with an intention of compassion and love. Every item is carefully crafted in our hands before it lands in your hands.